Origin Acupuncture would like to take a moment to give you some information about our COVID-19 operating polices and procedures. Your health and safety is our number one concern. 

  • Masking for patients is now OPTIONAL. However this policy may change without notice.
  • I will continue to wear a mask at this time.
  • If you have covid/flu/common cold, please stay home.
  • If you have been exposed to covid/flu/common cold, please stay home and wear a mask for at least 5 days. If you develop symptoms, please test for covid.
  • If you fall outside these guidelines or have questions, please contact the office for more assistance. 315-246-0177

These polices are fluid and are subject to change. Origin Acupuncture appreciates your continued support, and compliance. Together we can keep our family and community safe and healthy. 

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Reni spends a great deal of time getting to know you and how your body functions. She combines her considerable skill along with an intuitive sense to determine how to treat your pain. After a few treatments my pain level was reduced considerably. The same treatments uplifted me on an emotional level as well. I was always made to feel warm, comfortable, and safe.

Carol T